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About Us


Welcome to the Sixth Grade at Eastview!

 Mr. Leroy Dixon



  Mrs. Suzanne Lasser  

Assistant Principal




The original Eastview School was expanded over a two-year period beginning in 1924 to accommodate Junior High School students in grades seven, eight and nine.  Again, in 1930 the school was expanded and reflects today’s footprint.  For a number of years space was rented out to small companies, however with an increasing need to use the space by the White Plains School District, the building and adjoining fields were designated as the Eastview Campus of the White Plains Middle School. In September 2013, the result of a reorganization in the District, the school housed sixth graders exclusively!  

Today Eastview Middle School is home to 570 sixth graders.  Detailed descriptions about our curriculum may be accessed on the District’s website under the tab All About the Curriculum. Eastview emphasizes thematic, interdisplinary programs.  We offer French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Spanish for Spanish speakers and Spanish for Native Study.  Technology is used to support instruction as well as developing the prerequisite skills for our students to use technology responsibly.  Examples of the aforementioned include: 

One to One Technology Initiative 

All students are using the IPAD AIR II personal learning device.  As a result, instruction is enhanced with the use of technology.  Students are excited and enjoy access to instruction through the Schoology application. 

Schoology is the District’s on line Learning Management System and is used to deliver instruction to students.  Class notes, podcast, video conferencing, Ted Talks and connection to the internet are all accessed with the IPAD through the Schoology app.  Our students’ use of technology is one-step further that we are providing them with learning opportunities that cultivate problem-solving, innovation and to better prepare them for the world we live in. 

We encourage parents/guardians to thoughtfully work with their child to navigate this new system. 

Dual Language 

The Dual Language Program continues at the sixth grade level where instruction is delivered primarily in Spanish and with English as an adherent.  Dual language instruction is offered in social studies, mathematics and science classes.



The Avid (Advancing Via Individual Determination) program supports students, who are currently earning average grades to progress and develop the prerequisite skills for entrance into advanced classes.  Students are recommended for the program by their fifth grade teachers and if they meet the established criteria are placed in the AVID cohort for sixth grade. Furthermore, Eastview Middle School incorporates AVID strategies daily for all students in writing, inquiry, organization skills, collaboration and reading. 

EL Centro Hispano 

El Centro Hispano has been a partner with Eastview Middle School for the past 8  years.  Support is offered via community based activities and after school programs such as Mi Hermana and Mi Hermano Mayor.  The latter support sixth grade students with their academic endeavors and foster good citizenship through tutoring and mentorship. 

After School Clubs and Activities 

The bell signaling the end of the regular school day may chime at 2:30 p.m., it is also a harbinger of the start for the co-curricular activities.  Eastview students have an opportunity to explore different areas of interest, meet and build friendships with students they may not see during their regular classes and, quite simply, just to have a good time.  This year our students are able to select from over 25 clubs including selections from the Arts, Culinary Arts, Community Service, Writing, Student Organization, Video and, Athletics to names just a few.  The aforementioned are separate from other after-school offerings such as homework help and activities sponsored by the Youth Bureau. 

Partnership with Youth Bureau 

The White Plains Youth Bureau is an official branch of city government receiving its charter in 1970.  The mission of the Youth Bureau is “to represent, support and advocate for the young people of White Plains” and as such offers a multitude of youth development programs and activities such as College and Career readiness program, mentoring and, leadership development initiatives.  Eastview is home to an after school program which provides students with homework help and tutoring.